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Whitey weed

Whitey weed

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Now im kid and have been banned but i have had a few whiteys in my time. But then you get a sort of rush, starting at your head, you can feel the sugar in your blood flow down your head to your stomach. This is the time to act, and act FAST. How To Conquer The Whitey What you need to do is, Meet local singles Blackburn you feel the rush, get yourself to a wwhitey and get some sugar. Get a big tablespoon and put 4 spoonsfuls of sugar into a cup and mix with water.


The worst part was that the bathroom was small and I'd blocked the door with my unconscious body, so my aeed had to break the door down and everyone spent the rest of the night climbing over me to use the toilet.

Offer them water. March 23, The first is by changing suddenly from a sitting or lying position especially the latter to a standing position.

Basically, it covers a specific form of negative reaction to cannabis, which can vary from relatively mild dizziness and a feeling of weakness to severe nausea and Sex contacts loss of consciousness. So don't do what i did and smoke dope before going to work washing up in a bustling chinese restaurant.

The second is lack of fluid, which may be at least part of the reason why weed can trigger feelings of thirst, hence it helps to ensure that you have something healthy to drink on hand i.

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This is due to a sudden drop in blood pressure. By then I was sweating and throwing up everywhere — there was sick in my hair and I was star-fished on the bed, stark naked. Hence, the first point to note is that anyone with a medical history of hypotension should ideally consult their doctor before using weed, especially for the first time, or, at the very least, proceed with particular caution.

Your vision blurs, the room starts spinning, you can't move or speak and you just sort of collapse near the nearest soft fabric. After this you should feel back to normal. My best friend lived a bit closer to the centre of the city than I did and had really chill parents, so on Fridays after school we'd all go round to hers.

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If weev, get them to lie down, preferably in the recovery position. Jump to Jump to search A whitey or white-out is a drug slang term for when a recreational drug useras a direct or indirect result of drug use usually cannabisbegins to feel faint and vomit. Although, in principle, any cannabis user can experience a whitey, sufferers tend to be people new to weed or sometimes people making a change, for example trying a different strain or dose. This is when a Beautiful housewives wants real sex Fairbanks of screen will come down over your eyes and it will seem everything is either purple or red.

I threw up and passed out on the cold floor tiles that, by this point, were my saviour and lord. Peter Slattery The whitey itself is actually caused by hypotension, in other words excessively low blood pressure.

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The symptoms of a whitey are very similar to the symptoms of low blood sugar and for similar reasons, the body is Free discreet Page lunch dates in nutrients. I don't remember anything beyond this point, but I've since been told I was carried into the garden for fresh air, where I puked, asked where I was and puked again out of horror that I was in England.

When you blank outthe feeling is like being dead. JAKE, 25 It was a summer night and I'd been out with some friends just drinking and smoking for hours.

Whitey (drugs)

Or it can be because you've hit some moldy hemp. I could feel all the colour draining from my face, and she asked me if I needed to puke.

I texted my mum Couples sex 95838 told her I was going to die and that I loved her, then spent the next two hours trying to feed the crocodile on my Lacoste polo shirt. With this in mind, if you find yourself dealing with someone who appears to be pulling a whitey, but is not responding to the standard treatment, you may wish to try giving them a sweet drink, to see if this helps.

This is known as greening out. They refused, in the interest of keeping the fumes in the room, so I had to slump on the toilet with a candle in my lap and wait it out.

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At around 2AM I decided to head to my girl's house via a bagel shop. Two bites in, I started wfed feel a bit green and clammy, the room started spinning and I knew I was done for. I heard word that the guy I had a crush on was coming.

Be careful everyone. Commonly everything feels either extremely hot, or extremely cold. Also, bear in mind that if you are with someone who is on a whitey, they are not lightweights or pussies, a whitey can be brought on by environment, food and fluid intake and tiredness.

The science behind the weed whitey

Toledo women nude everything starts to become clearer all the shaded areas are like sepia colored. I'm still not entirely sure why, but while she was in the toilet I got completely naked and got into her bed.

At first it started with a nice floaty feeling, but it quickly changed to a really intense, terrible high. Then sometimes you vomit from nausea then usually end the high with passing out completely. Get a big tablespoon and put 4 spoonsfuls of sugar into a Sex dating in Anadarko and mix with water.

Most people will probably have done this at some point in their life and are likely to have experienced mild to severe dizziness as weee result. What is happening in the body when a first-time cannabis user pulls a whitey? whitdy

Embarrassed weed smokers tell us their worst whitey stories

wyitey Three tokes in and the room starts spinning and I realised I'm going to throw up, but I was trying to style it out because I haven't even kissed this girl yet. I spent about an hour clinging onto the toilet, feeling the most hammered I'd ever felt — although I'd probably only had one beer before this point. Your body is heavy and useless and weer can't move or speak, but you can hear what's going on around you.

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