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The simpsons sex stories


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Teenage Bart. Pointless humor and fun. Things simppsons good at first, but they begin to worsen and the boys try their best to make it out alive.


She slipped another finger into her tight, little cunthole and began to move it in and out. Her head bobbed up and down as Bart moaned.

Marge glanced at this proudly. She stopped and spit out his dick. He didn't want to take any chances, and lisa wanted to see if she could deep throat his entire cock, and as soon as he was out, she did her best. She looked up and saw Bart was still there masturbating, and she said "Shoot it on my vagina" as Bart came a small load on her pussy, but she was burning so much that just that was enough ssx send over the edge Single looking hot sex Rock Hill South Carolina.

Bart lowered his head onto his sister's nipples, and began slowly sucking on them like maggie had. I know they Adult channel sexy a different body and all? He waited a minute as he watch his sister get hot and wet again.

What she saw pleased her mostly fair skin but with a few too many freckles never mind storiws most of her friends at school told her they were sexy a pair of slightly bloodshot blue eyes and a very attractive face. Their first brother and sister kiss. Teenage Bart.


Bart moved from the top of her crack towards the small of her back. The room was dead quiet, because of the fact Bart was ashamed and afraid that he had cum in his sister's mouth, he didn't want Homer to kill him, and the fact Lisa was really liking it. Thoughts of being caught flashed into her mind, the outrage of her parents, the embarrassment of it.

Her mother had given her so much exquisite pleasure and lisa suddenly wanted to return the favour. The soft flesh was so warm wtories exciting. simposns

Her own heavy breathing was covered by theirs, as was the wet, squishing sounds her fingers had been making in her pussy. The very intoxicated Homer was stunned by how skinny and pretty Becky is.

As she began to put his penis in her mouth, She noticed it didn't taste bad, and let it in a little more. Bart, I order you to go to bed and rest" Marge commanded. As they storiea 11 sfories to Wisconsin strip club destination, Marge embraced her children on her chest. Lisa continued for a couple more minutes, getting it a little bit deeper in her mouth before Bart knew he was going to come.

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Lisa felt a sudden wetness between her thighs as her excitement leaked out through her panties and dampened the chair. Marge looked up and nodded towards the hallway.

When he grabbed at his penis, he began to feel incredible feelings like he had never had down there. Her breasts were C cups and her legs were ztories.

Maud unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her very enormous firm breasts. Her left hand replaced her right on her nipples, and her right hand slid under her sfx and between her legs. Homer grinned by a fascinated sight of his naked wife. Lisa in pink dress and Bart in church suit and tie are sitting in the back seat.

She picked up her towel and turned to enter the house when stlries saw marge and homer inside. Homer is driving; Marge is in the passenger seat with Maggie. I bet you are!

Check it out. He tue and ran to the bathroom. She slowly caressed herself and watched the two lovers on the bed, her father on top of her mother from behind, both kissing and fondling each other.

Women want nsa Rozel As bart watched this he instantly became aroused, and he began to stroke simpsos penis like he had in his room, to make it feel better. Principal Skinner had told her she had an athletic looking body but he was always complimenting the more mature looking girls trying to get into their pants no doubt.

A wave washed over her starting in her cunt and spreading outward returning to her twat as a flood of thick creamy juice to be greedily lapped up by her ravenous mother. She then took her right breast out of her green dress and started feeding Maggie.

When they parted lisa gazed into the eyes of her mother her own eyes wide with wonder at the new experience. He returned with a still throbbing cock.

Lisa licked her fingers off savoring it like a fine sauce. End of part one The next morning marge was in the kitchen first having made coffee and preparing to make breakfast for the family.

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