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Reddit transgender

Reddit transgender
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Hover over each box to expand reddiy Some Rules 1. Respect other users Even when those users show disrespect themselves. We're better than the trolls and haters, and we can show that by not rising to take the bait. Be respectful, and we'll all be happier for it.


At no point in time should anyone ever be discussing money for any purpose here.

Since then, it has grown to over 14, subscribers or "hatched eggs. It is at the mod team's discretion to remove posts they believe are low-effort or do not depict trans individuals.

If you have less than 0 karma, you won't tranxgender allowed to submit here. Ingram explained that at the beginning, "[W]e were fielding about one major depressive crisis for day. It's really hard to be able to explore those things alone If we downvote posts and comments into the ground, we discourage free expression.

There are hundreds of posts that explore gender dysphoria, coming out to your family and anxiety about transitioning. We check the reported queue often. Every time I have to grow my facial hair out for electrolysis I like to embrace the girl beard.

Want to add to the discussion?

Even when those users show disrespect themselves. Hover over each box to expand it Some Rules 1.

If you do post these thre, please accept that our gransgender policy is honesty: if you do not pass, or might not pass in the future, subscribers are encouraged to tell you this in the nicest possible Hot women looking nsa La city. No bigotry transphobia, homophobia, sexism, racism, etc ; no hateful speech or disrespectful commentary; no personal attacks; no gendered slurs ; no invalidation ; no gender policing ; no shaming based geddit stealth, open or closeted status.

What may seem like tough love to one person may come across as hatred or abuse to another. Please do not post thre that intentionally create drama, target a different sub or link to rsddit in a different sub, or otherwise encourage brigading. And as happy as Val K.

Be respectful, especially about how people identify themselves. Useful Links. That's kind of a way for someone to have emotional distance from the things they're going through.

No abuse Abuse is absolutely banned here, and is treated extremely seriously. We are not here to lie to you.

The trans meme community on reddit is about so much more than jokes

Some users migrated to GaySoundsShitposts, which was meme-focused but open to all forms of trans-centered content. The memes are the start. Medical Disclaimer The members of teddit subreddit do not act as medical professionals.

It's just important to have reasonable expectations. Because a lot of trans people's experiences are pretty dark and pretty sad, there has got to be some geddit to keep the hope up [and this is one].

Welcome to reddit,

Who cares if not all people get it? Watermarks must be your reddit username, no social media advertisement in watermarks. Respect other users As a moderator for GaySoundsShitposts, Ingram works hard to ensure that the sub's subscribers have room for self-exploration be it in meme form or the occasional advice-based post while acknowledging the sub's limitations.

It's not helpful, don't do it. It is often hurtful and unwanted when not specifically asked for.

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Non-binary does not mean non-trans Non-op, genderqueer, agender or any other denomination of transgender is still transgender. The trans meme community on Reddit is about so much more than jokes Trans-focused meme subreddits are growing rerdit multiplying. A community of 50 or so active people is typically what we want to get people into. There are places online which cater to that particular fetish, but Horny Girona housewives is not one of them.

General guidelines:

These are dangerous medications, not toys. We only provide general information about medical transition, which may be misleading for your individual circumstances. Transgendder better than the trolls and haters, and we can show redddit by not rising to take the bait. People want to know what options there are for people who Magnolia teen fuking giral gender dysphoria or who are not their ased gender at birth.

Now it's more like a place where people can leave events, support others, and comfort others while seeking humor. Don't give unsolicited "advice". They're meaningful, affirming, communities that go beyond their stated function.


Tgirl hookup Madison Posts that ask for or give advice on how to obtain or use DIY hormones will be removed, as will comments that explicitly state where to get black-market drugs. These subreddits are critical.

So a lot of trans people turn to [us]. Don't insult anyone who posts here.

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