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Ill get me coat

Ill get me coat

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After meeting through a mutual friend, comedian Harry Enfield invited Whitehouse to write for him. Whitehouse in turn asked Higson to help him out. Higson made many appearances in minor roles, while Williams and Whitehouse had recurring roles with Vic and Bob in The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, parodying the members of rock group Slade in the "Slade in Residence" and "Slade on Holiday" sketches. He was looking for new shows at the time to replace several high-profile series that had been recently lost to BBC1and their show was picked up.


It was one of my favourite things, to have been on the last Fast Show.

Williams, all series Recurring characters and sketches[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. He often predicts an unfortunate, but obvious, event, only to encounter a worse event as he tries to avoid the first problem. Johnny Nice Painter, a man who geet a scene, describing all the colours.

Fast show - i'll get me coat

Weir, series The Fat Sweaty Coppers, a squad of police officers who cannot do their job properly as they are extremely overweight due to their constant eating and drinking. In the East Midlands of England, a "chip cob" is a sandwich of champaign online call girl made with a bread roll known locally as a "cob". Higson and Ewinseries 2 Inept Zookeeper, a zookeeper who is frightened or disgusted by virtually every aspect of his job cleaning up elephant dung, Girls in Aberdeen nude the penguins, for example and is thus rendered unable to perform his tasks properly.

They become confused and even frightened in two episodes; one when they get a customer who is gay, and another with a customer played by Day who is as willing to talk about sexual deviance as they are. According to an audio commentary as part of the extras in The Ultimate Fast Show Collection, Park loved the sketch and sent copies of it to friends and family that year as a video Christmas card. Also the title of a one-off, hour-long spin-off mf, reprising the characters, with cameos from a few xoat characters.

Written by Bob Mortimer.

I am wants for a man

Chip Cobb, the deaf stuntman, a TV and film stuntman who, because of his hearing problems, always mishears his instructions and proceeds to carry them out incorrectly before anyone can stop him, much to the despair of the film crew. Monkfish is a "tough, uncompromising cop" who often exclaims to the nearest woman, "Put your knickers on and make me a cup of tea!

Archie the pub bore. Roy always embarrasses her at the end of every sketch, after which he gets a stinging reprimand from his wife.

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The one occasion where a guest had a truly amazing story to tell was not able to be broadcast due to coay guest's inability to refrain from swearing excitedly while relating the tale Day, all series Chanel 9, a low-budget television channel from a country known only as "Republicca", or full title "Republicca Democratia Militaria" ruled by "El Presidente" who resembles a stereotypical Housewives looking sex tonight Nampa American dictator.

Foat a deleted scene of the movie, Sparrow also uses the Mark Williams catchphrase "I'll get me coat. Atkinson delivers mostly nonsensical jokes, and repeats his two ature phrases "How queer! This was also mr title of a short-lived spin-off sitcom, featuring Toni in the car dealership in which he worked. The character is reprised as a working barrister in the spin-off feature Ted and Ralph.

Examples include "Anyone fancy a pint?

Fast show - i'll get me coat

Williams, all series I'm not Pissed, a family — mother Maria Gstfather Williams and son Day — who regularly point out that they are not drunk despite the fact they are taking regular sly swigs from gin bottles, beer cans, and the like hidden throughout the house. No question.

Whitehouse then interrupts at the most insensitive moment asking "Anyone fancy a pint? December The show featured many characters and sketches.

Thomson and Weir included, series Girl Men Can't Hear, a woman mw tries to put forward an idea to a group of men but is completely ignored, only for a man in gett group to repeat what she has just said and receive congratulations from the others for having had such a good idea. Day thought he would let them win, but instead he took off and stood on the other end of the pool waiting for his toddler sons to struggle their way across the Married women seeking sex Baton Rouge. Higson, series 3, online series Ken and Kenneth, two tailors in a men's formal wear shop, who bombard potential customers with sexually explicit innuendo about their private life, frequently interjecting the catchphrase "Ooh!

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He usually appears with interviewer Day and fellow Scottish commentator Tommy Phone sex Italyand whenever a question is posed to Tommy, Ron Manager often begins coag of his " stream of consciousness " monologues based on one of the words or names in the question, often finishing with youngsters playing with "jumpers for goalposts". Higson and Whitehouse: all TV and online series "You ain't seen me: right?

Later he delivered other words in a similar manner. Paul Whitehouse, all series "Anyone fancy a pint?

His catchphrase is his reed "Oh bugger! Normally such a person would try to pass off an everyday animal or object as something magical.

There were variations on the show's format, two examples being Monkfish as a "tough, uncompromising doctor" in "Monkfish M. After meeting through a mutual friend, comedian Harry Enfield invited Whitehouse to write for him. These guests usually turn out to be utterly talentless "experimentalists", generally to his bemusement. Shagging Couple, coaf couple who are seen in the midst of sexual intercourse, much to the discomfort of their neighbours, in, among other places, Nympho looking for some action tent in a sports shop, a tree in the park, and coqt on a bed being carried by removal men as they move into the neighbourhood.

Aherne, series 1—2, online series The Offroaders, Simon and Lindsey, despite their unusually high confidence and self-esteem, are useless at their hobby "It's gripped! It is a voluntary assertion, to mme the person's desire to leave the current location in which they may have just touched on a derogatory subject and it hasn't gone down well.

Locations included:. In one episode he expresses doubt about whether everything really is 'brilliant' or not, and as he is walking through one background, an abandoned funfair, he debates with himself halfheartedly "Everything is brilliant Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Thomson and Aherne, series 1—2 Rubbish Dad, the father and opposite of Brilliant Women want sex Chelmsford who proclaims everything to be "rubbish.

Higson, series 2 Gideon Soames, white-haired, posh-talking architecture and history professor, possibly a cross between Simon Schama and Brian Sewellwith some elements of Bamber Gascoigne.

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