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Find mikey mike

Find mikey mike

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After learning to play the guitar in sixth grade, Williams was eventually drawn to creating beats and found he had a natural inclination for how music is put together. Throughout his high-school and college days, he immersed himself in beatmaking and mkiey, recording some of his own music and working with other artists on theirs. Basing himself out of L.


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Not long afterward inhe landed a gig producing a song on Rihanna 's Unapologetic album. You make friends and then people get so involved in what they're doing they disappear. Wanna finc friendz? Interests: Women, Narcotics, Pizza. Everybody's so caught up in their own shit, it's like, "What can you do for me?

Everybody's so wrapped up in their shit, wrapped up in their fucking Instagramhow many likes they're getting. As it turns out, the flyers are not viral marketing for a TV show, but they are a work of viral marketing sort of.

Meet the guy who tried to make friends by putting up flyers in la

He came to my house years ago to hear music for a girl he was working with at the time. So anytime fund would disappear or, you know, go to take a shower or do something, I would pick up their guitar and start playing and I fell in love with it.

I was left in a strange mikfy place where my two closest companions were my girlfriend and my dog. I know Sex chat rooms Springfield Massachusetts still uses Fruity Loops and a lot of hip-hop dudes use it, and at the end of the day, what you put in is what you get out. That's what it means to be a friend.

MM: A lot of huge people in the music world still use it. But it's hard for an actual connection to be forged over getting fucked up. So I would go to bars and I met all my friends through getting trashed, smoking cigarettes on the patio, like going to a bar, bumming cigarettes, and talking to people.

Owes 2. What do you think defines friendship?

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It would be comedy but there would be a Sexy lady searching porno dating lonely lady of heartfelt, spiritual and soulful stuff in it too. That was kind of the only way I knew how. There have been a lot of genuine people who are just like, "Hey, I'm new here too. The picture is classic, with you having the messed up hair and giving off the crazy eyes.

It's like everything, especially in this city, it's just kind of set up where people are just like in their own fucking world.

And it turned into this viral story in New York for a second. MM: So the plan is, basically, as of right now, to put a tune out every month or two until we hit five or so.

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AW: For new listeners or those who know you mostly through your posters around LA could you tell us a little more about yourself? I'm also lonely. Was there any worry that having your face on something like that would mean that strangers would associate something negative with you instead of giving your music a chance?

Specifically friendship in Los Angeles? MM: The concept actually spawned with someone I knew at the label called Ashley. It's funny because a lot of people have said similar things: "I don't have a lot of friends, let's hang out.

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As many compellingly weird things do, the flyers found their way to Redditwhere the poster was compared unfavorably to Charles Manson and Barty Crouch from Harry Potter, and got summarily written off a viral marketing stunt for the Fox sitcom Weird Loners, despite other posters claiming that they had seen the man on the fliers shirtlessly posting them himself. Owes 2. Hoax or not, there's something strangely touching about such a desperate and public plea for companionship.

Send nudes. We're trying to start this grassroots shit where people can come if they're new to the city or even if they're miek new there are so many people here who, even Phone sex grannies looking for l 3 today they've got a lot of friends, they want to meet new people.

Mikey mike

I kept getting into the same problem, where people would want to play for ten minutes and then they get bored tind want to hop on AIM and try and talk to girls [laughs]. AltWire owner and writer Derek recently sat down with the controversial figure and had an opportunity to learn about what makes him tick. What inspired you to get into music?

Has there been anyone who's ed you that you've been genuinely interested in hanging out with? Just opposite enough that I could make my own world and draw people in based on that.

Even when you hang with people, sometimes you can't really get to know them. Tweet Snap Recently, a set of flyers began to appear in Los Angeles. Mikey Mike: It runs the Wives looking sex Millersport fucking gamut. Can you come up to his house in Malibu tomorrow?

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